Time for Auditions!

We will be holding auditions on Tuesday 17th July at 8pm at Brackley Fire Station (near Tesco), for our Autumn Play, A Kick in the Baubles.

It is a funny Christmas story with plenty of laughs and jokes. The play, written by Gordon Steel, has been described as “A typical family Christmas” summing up the appeal of the play. It is the comedy of familiar people and familiar situations.

The characters we will be auditioning for are:

  • Frank – long suffering husband and bit of a humbug
  • Jean – Frank’s wife
  • Doreen – Jean’s sister and a snob
  • Harry – Doreen’s husband, who has a secret
  • Gary – obnoxious, vulgar and loud next door neighbour
  • Julie – Gary’s loud and brassy wife
  • Alex – Jean and Franks’ niece – a bit dim
  • Milly – Jean and Franks’ estranged daughter
  • Darren – Milly’s boyfriend

Do come along and join us – all welcome! A great full length play and a good one to get involved with if you are thinking of joining.

So that’s Tuesday 17th July 2018, 8pm at Brackley Fire Station. See you there!