Rehearsals for Aladdin going strong

It’s been two weeks since we started rehearsing for Aladdin and here’s a little behind the scenes round up of what we’ve been doing.

Our cast, led by first-time director, Emma, have been going through Act One and Act Two of the panto, working on entrances and exits on stage.

Singing Aladdin rehearsal
The cast learning songs

Fun fact – On stage, we refer to stage right and stage left, which is the opposite side to what you see from the audience!

As well as fine-tuning where the cast go on and off stage, they’ve been working their way through some of the songs with musical director, Drew.

Live acting Aladdin rehearsal
Wishee and Zing-Zong on stage

We don’t want to give it all away but there is plenty of magic in the songs…

Our next few rehearsals will be focused on working on particular scenes and passages to make sure we portray the message of each scene and keep it moving. The cast are also busy learning lines in between rehearsals so they can be ‘off books’ by the new year.